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About live stream:

1 - You are able to listen to my live stream (audio only) on this website.

2 - My stream plays 24/7 spinning some songs of my choice. I am playing live when and only if my stream information is: Playing now: Joao Frazao - Live from Portugal

3 - You need a valid ticket for each session.  Each session lasts 75 minutes, enough time to listen to my live session, which normally lasts 60 minutes. If you close the page after paying your ticket, reopen my website in the same browser and you should find the link to reconnect free of charge.

4 - You can find what time I do play live at Calendar tab. Remeber times are shown with London/Lisbon time. You might need to do the convertion to your local time.

5 - You earn 2 free valid tickets when you subscribe this website.

6 - To earn more valid tickets you have 2 options:

   6.1 - You can give donations and You will be rewareded with more tickets. Higher the donation more tickets you earn. This option is only available after you log in your account and click the button
[Get more tickets] on your control panel.

   6.2 - You earn 1 free ticket for each friend you suggest and confirm his/her account at Note: Only if they confirm their subscription

7 - You can give your user name and password to a friend to listen to my live stream, however It's your entire responsability as 1 ticket will be spent from your account for each session that is open.

8 - Donations are not refunded under any circumstances.
When you donate to earn tickets, those tickets are credited instantly into your account and you can spend them immediately, therefore, refunds are refused.

9 - This terms & conditions might change with out previous notice.

10 - Last review FEB 9th 2022

Joao Frazao

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